At Truckee Hydroponics, we love to help you grow.

Our warehouse location has everything you'll need to take you from sprout to harvest. All the products we carry have been carefully selected to ensure that you are getting quality growing materials you can count on. 

In our store, you'll find:

Grow Lights                          Nutrients

Hydroponics                          Organic Amendments

Climate Controls                   Grow Media                                    

Meters and Testing                Propagation                                   

Pest & Disease Control

We also specialize in store brewed bacterial, fungal, & enzymatic teas (ACT, SST)

Our experienced, friendly staff can answer any question you may have as you learn to master the art of growing. 


We also offer Professional Services. Navigating the waters of a large-scale grow can be overwhelming. Let us help you succeed by offering the very best of our expertise. Call or come on by today!